Discover the joys of active retirement: Ecuador awaits

Vive un retiro activo en Ecuador, alternativa a casa hogar

Retirement is a new adventure, a time to explore, learn and grow. At Club Lomas we offer you a unique retreat where life doesn’t stop but flourishes with new opportunities. For us, living in a community means sharing experiences, cultivating friendships, and maintaining a vibrant spirit through a variety of activities. These activities stimulate the mind, body, and soul, and encourage you to redefine and explore a new facet of your life.

For that reason, we have designed an unparalleled community for retirees from all over the world to have the best possible experience in this new chapter of their lives.

Community living: a diverse and enriching experience

At Club Lomas, we are not only interested in people living close by, our focus is on a community that lives together and shares experiences. Community living here is designed to foster meaningful connections, and lasting friendships, offering spaces where common stories and interests are intertwined daily with new bonds that enhance quality of life.

Activities for creative stimulation

Creativity is a source of eternal youth. That’s why at Club Lomas we put a lot of effort into keeping the mind stimulated, so residents have access to multiple artistic and cultural recreational activities for their enjoyment. These activities are not only a form of self-expression, but also a window to new skills and passions that allow seniors to rediscover themselves. In addition, it fosters the healthy creative exchange involved in collaborating with others in similar activities.

In our community, we encourage people who have common interests to initiate together the activities they wish, because we understand that the execution of these types of projects is important for an active and stimulating quality of life.

Maintaining physical vigor for better health

An active body is a reflection of a healthy spirit. Club Lomas has first-rate exercise facilities, from swimming pools to sports courts. Outdoor exercises take advantage of Cotacachi’s perfect climate, while walking trails invite you to explore the surrounding natural beauty of the outdoor landscape and enjoy the view of the gardens. Each activity is designed to suit different levels of ability, ensuring that everyone can exercise and benefit to the extent of their own interests and physical capabilities.

Cultural stimulation: food for the mind

Curiosity knows no age, and intellectual stimulation is a priority at Club Lomas. With reading clubs, residents can immerse themselves in worlds of knowledge and debate. In addition, the proximity of Cotacachi breathes an enriching cultural heritage that invites residents to discover its folklore and traditions, promoting constant learning that will keep their minds invigorated.

The benefits of an active lifestyle

The combination of creative, physical, and intellectual stimulation at Club Lomas not only enriches the day-to-day life of our close-knit community but also contributes to a holistic wellness that promotes the mental and physical health of our residents.

The shared laughter in a dance class, the satisfaction of learning a new book in the reading group, or planning an outing to the shopping area are moments that strengthen the spirit. These moments foster a positive attitude that enhances both the individual and collective experience, cultivating a sense of belonging to our community.

A retirement like no other

Club Lomas is more than a place to live; it is a space to reinvent yourself. With an agenda full of activities that nurture all facets, living here is just a new beginning in a stage full of possibilities.

Are you looking for the best place to spend your retirement? Visit our website to discover everything you can do at Club Lomas. Also, you can continue reading our blog to learn more about our community and the different activities you can do in our residence.