The best alternative to a retirement home in Ecuador

La mejor alternativa a un asilo en Ecuador

Retirement is a stage of life that many look forward to and finding the perfect place to enjoy it is a crucial decision. Ecuador has become a coveted destination for retirees, where Cotacachi stands out for its climate, landscapes, and cultural heritage. Here, Club Lomas has established itself as an exclusive residential club offering a retirement experience of international standards at more affordable prices than in Europe and the United States.

A natural and cultural paradise to enjoy your retreat

Cotacachi presents itself as a haven of calm and natural magnificence. This charming Ecuadorian enclave delights with its perpetual spring, offering a delightfully mild climate during all seasons. In this corner, the frenzy of contemporary life is diluted, opening the doors to peace and well-being, the perfect setting for a quiet, vital and blissful retreat.

This place is also a hidden treasure where nature and tradition intertwine. Its streets emanate the rich cultural heritage, where everything is a testimony of local craftsmanship and art, which is culturally enriching.

Benefits of living in Ecuador for expatriates

Living costs in Latin America are relatively lower compared to the United States and Europe, especially in Ecuador, which has affordable food, low-cost housing and an optimal transportation system within reach of anyone. This makes it an ideal place for retirees to spend their days with a considerably higher quality of life and without complications.

An Active and Enriching Lifestyle

Club Lomas promotes physical and recreational activity with numerous wellness programs with exercises to keep fit both mentally and physically. Through these activities, it also fosters a social and entertaining environment that bonds its residents, expanding their social circle and creating a sense of belonging to our community.

Health and wellness for everyone

Accessibility to quality health care is a priority for retirees, and Club Lomas does not disappoint. Ecuador offers world-class health services at a fraction of the cost of other countries. In addition, the proximity to larger cities, such as Ibarra and Quito, guarantees access to excellent hospitals and medical facilities. In any case, at Club Lomas we offer basic and periodic medical check-ups, as well as a nursing station entirely dedicated to our residents.

Your ideal retirement home

Retirement living at Club Lomas means opting for a luxurious and comfortable, yet affordable lifestyle. With its perfect climate, rich culture and welcoming community, Cotacachi offers a dream retirement. Club Lomas elevates this experience, providing a safe, active and world-class environment for those looking to maximize their retirement with a full and vibrant life.

What about you, are you looking for an enjoyable and peaceful place to spend your retirement? Visit the Club Lomas website to see all that we have to offer. You can also continue reading our blog to learn more about this paradisiacal community.