A place of natural
beauty and tranquility

Cotacachi is a beautiful and quiet town located in the touristic province of Imbabura known as the “Swiss Alps of the Andes”.

Cotacachi enjoys spring-time weather all year round and is famous for its artisanal leather goods. It is emerging as a place for extraordinary cafes and specialty cuisine.

Cotacachi also has an important musical history and tradition.

02 | A dream place


Crater Lake

The city of Cotacachi is located in an Andean valley flanked by the Cotacachi and Imbabura volcanoes. It is only minutes away from the famous Otavalo indigenous textile market and other touristic hotspots in the province of Imbabura.


Home to the second largest Indigenous Textile Market in South America.

Place of origin of the Kichwa people of the Otavalos.

Unprecedented cultural, social, and historical richness.

Lago San Pablo

A beautiful eye of water guarded by the Imbabura volcano, only 20 minutes from Cotacachi.

It is a perfect place for bird-watching, as it serves as a resting place for migrating birds, and is home to some aquatic birds, including herons and ducks.

There are also some hotels and restaurants overlooking the lake, where you can enjoy the Ecuadorian cuisine.

03 | Cotacachi

A magic place


Small town
with all services

While comfortably small and quiet, Cotacachi offers great services and products, all within a short walking distance from Club Lomas. You can easily access banks, stores, pharmacies, super markets as well as a well supplied fresh fruit and vegetable market open 7 days a week. Organic vegetables and artisanal products are also available.

Small town
with all services

Cotacachi has private health services and a public hospital located only two blocks from Club Lomas. Specialized and high-level health attention is available in nearby Ibarra or in Quito.

03 | Proximity



Enjoy the fresh air and tranquility of Imbabura while still being close to an international airport. Quito is only a 2 hour drive away from Quito and the Mariscal Sucre International Airport is 90 minutes from Cotacachi.