& Services

Club Lomas is an active community focused on ensuring the wellbeing of its members and providing a culturally vibrant lifestyle in a beautiful and peaceful urban/rural setting.

All of our programs have been designed to offer a variety of activities and entertainment when you wish to socialize and be with others. At Club Lomas you can feel secure and covered with our support to plan and resolve health matters and emergencies.

Live in a like-minded, gated community and have no worries of property maintenance, taxes or other legal concerns.

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We are here to help make your day to day life easier.

Club Lomas offers optional recreational and educational activities to ensure a richer lifestyle. Below you can find a list of the activities offered but you can also feel free to start your own club or social activity with those that share your interest.


  • Spanish Classes
  • Dancing
  • Reading Club
  • Physical fitness and exercise
  • Yoga
  • Lectures and workshops
  • Swimming
  • Gym
  • Sports
  • Memory stimulation

Health Support

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Advisory Services

At Club Lomas we will monitor our resident’s health, keep records and manage contact information of each of our residents so as to be ready to support in case of emergency.

While Club Lomas will provide the option of periodic medical checkups, administration of medication and emergency and first aid assistance, we intend to be your support for more acute health issues by serving as your assistant and link to your specialized doctors and health care providers. We will record and monitor the health status of our residents and will always be there to assist you in emergencies, walk you through any required process, transport you and help with interpretation and translation. You are not alone; we’ve got your back.

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Nurse Station

You will find a nurse station located strategically to tend to emergencies or monitor the well-being of our residents. Trained staff will be available 24/7 to provide the care you need. 

First aid and medicine administration

At the nurse station we will also help with medicine administration (with prescription) and be available for any need 24 hours a day.  Our facilities are also equipped with panic buttons for those that require urgent help. 

Our staff will lend our residents a helping hand with day to day activities for those that require assisted living. 

02 |A dream place

Common Areas

Club facilities, gym, pool, spa

Enjoy a life free of concerns or hassle at Club Lomas. We take pride in making your life comfortable and relaxing. Common services include:

  • Security 24/7 in a gated community
  • Meal plans for residents that prefer to have more free time
  • Housekeeping
  • Property and gardens maintenance
  • Club facilities, gym, pool, spa
  • Laundry
  • Green areas and gardens 
  • Daily exercise routines, games and gatherings
  • Clubs organized and run by residents
  • Access to the commercial area on site with a restaurant, barber shop/beauty salon, minimarket and others. 
  • Lobby and control of visitors
  • Permanent nurse station

Optional Services

Club Lomas offers additional services such as:

  • Restaurant that caters local neighbors and guests
  • Assisted living support (bathing, housekeeping, dressing, mobility)
  • Tours within the province and, occasionally, in other regions of Ecuador
  • Transport and assistance for medical appointments, shopping, travel. 
  • Special courses and fitness programs
  • Massages, physical therapy
  • Hairdressing, beauty salon, 
  • Translation and interpretation