Innovative community to live retirement in Ecuador

Comunidad innovadora para vivir el retiro en Ecuador

The retirement stage is traditionally associated with a time of passivity and rest, without taking into account the projects and desires of older adults. But what if we tell you that our idea of retirement is different?

At Club Lomas, retirement is the door to a full, active and participative life. We want to make our residential community an innovative space where our residents can enjoy themselves to the fullest and carry out activities that, thanks to their free time, they will have the opportunity to explore.

Residential area

In our community, everything is connected. The common areas are not simple transit spaces, but places where we encourage interaction and communication among our residents, who come from different countries around the world. Our members can share in cafés, swimming pools, gyms, gardens, Jacuzzis, and spas.

Our homes are no slouch, as they are not simply depersonalized rooms, but quite the opposite: we want to provide the highest quality experience where residents can recreate their home. The suites, for example, can be inhabited by a couple, since they have a bedroom with bathroom, living room, kitchen and panoramic views. The studios are not a bad option either, since they are perfect for independent living with all the comfort that a luxury hotel can offer.

Wellness programs

In more traditional places, the activities for seniors are not thought from the particular needs and desires of each one, limiting the possibilities. For us, residents can lead a fully active life full of diverse activities according to their unique interests.

Our interest is that everyone feels that they can do the activities that motivate them. Therefore, in addition to the optional proposals we have, such as yoga, dance, sports, book club, exercise, among others, we invite members to propose activities. 

Commercial area

Finally, we have designed a commercial area so that residents can purchase the services they require. We are far from the traditional approach, where each person is assisted and does not have the opportunity to go out and look for what he/she requires by him/herself. For us, it is important for the residents to lead an active life, so it is essential for them to go out, see other people and acquire what they want.

This commercial area is strategically located near the center of Cotacachi, so in addition to interacting with the local population, our members can access restaurants, shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, and much more.

Club Lomas, innovation in residential communities

We want to innovate by starting with the basics: thinking of residents as fully capable people who want to further explore their lives. From there, we have created a residential community where residential life, physical, recreational and educational activities coexist harmoniously with a social and enriching life.

At Club Lomas you can forget the restrictions of traditional residences and ensure a dream retirement while sharing like-minded people and contemplating the beauty that Ecuador has to offer. Continue reading our blog to learn more.