Innovative assisted living options for retirees and expatriates

When looking for assisted living options for seniors, we immediately think of traditional places like nursing homes, retirement homes or nursing homes. We turn to them for our elderly relatives, without much consideration for the care of these places and their precarious care.

Have you taken a moment to ask them how they want to live their retirement? There are innovative options that aim to offer a social and active life. This is precisely what we offer at Club Lomas: assisted living that is different from traditional nursing homes.

Our residential community seeks to create enriching experiences, making your retirement socially active and dynamic. Do you want to know more about our innovative proposal? Don’t miss the following information.

Innovative residential community option

Homes and nursing homes are designed for elderly people who require assistance in most of their daily activities. Generally, these places have group housing, shared rooms, and residents interact in common spaces, whether dining rooms or gardens, under the constant supervision of caregivers.

But their major focus is on the medical care of their residents. A complete, 24-hour checkup, helping them to move around, feed themselves, among other things. If an elderly person suffers from a serious illness and their relatives are unable to care for them, nursing homes are often the place for them.

In contrast to the above, our residential community wants its residents to feel that they continue a social and active life in their retirement. Sharing with others, recreating and enjoying commercial areas (restaurants, beauty salons, among others), swimming pools, gyms, etc. while still having a nursing station, first aid and security at all times. In addition, you can revitalize yourselves with the pleasant atmosphere provided by the scenery of Club Lomas.

We offer private, comfortable and luxurious accommodations, accessible to the facilities of the residential community. We offer studios for one person, a room with all the privileges of first class, and one-bedroom apartments, luxurious and with excellent panoramic views, ideal for couples. Not only that, but we have thought of both accommodations for Independent Living and Assisted Living options.

Lifestyles: independent living and assisted living

We understand that not all seniors have the same needs, and for that reason we adopt lifestyles that respond to what they require.

Independent Living

We have created this program for seniors who are able to carry out daily activities with complete autonomy. In our residential community, we will provide access to a variety of programs such as creative exercise, social, educational, and daily fitness.

Assisted Living

As a complement to the Independent Living program, with Assisted Living we offer extra services for the care of older adults with reduced mobility, hearing or vision impairments, among others. We support with a meal plan, proper administration of medications, as well as personal cases that deal with communication problems and loneliness.

At Club Lomas we care about the welfare and health of our residents, keeping records and contact information of each one in case of emergency. Our facilities are equipped with emergency buttons, and we are a bridge when referring our residents to specialized physicians if required.

Club Lomas: complete living with luxuries and enriching experiences

Unlike traditional nursing homes, our residential community is properly trained to provide the best experiences for residents, in home-like and recreational spaces. We care about their health and moods, while encouraging them to share with like-minded people and interests and enjoy physical, educational and cultural activities that will greatly enrich their retirement.

Would you like to learn more about the pleasures that the Andes and Cotacachi have to offer? We are waiting for you at Club Lomas, a residential community to make you feel at home.