New alternative to nursing and retirement homes: residential community in Ecuador

Nueva alternativa de ancianatos y casas hogar: comunidad residencial en Ecuador

Finding an ideal space is a priority for seniors who wish to retire. Usually, they fall back on traditional places such as nursing homes or old people’s homes, where residents live dependent on institutional care. However, growing old does not necessarily mean leading a dependent and monotonous life.

At Club Lomas we believe that this new stage can be an opportunity to retire to a quiet, elegant place with diverse activities. That’s why, unlike nursing homes, our residential community focuses on promoting independence, recreation and social interaction.

We wish to reflect this focus through our services, the comfort of our facilities and the beauty that Cotacachi has to offer. Join us to learn more about our residential community and why it stands out as an innovative option for retirement living.

Traditional nursing homes and homes for the elderly

In traditional institutions, such as asylums and nursing homes, the focus is on the constant assistance of the elderly. They focus more on medical needs and care for people and less on quality of life, recreation, and independence. In addition, intimate spaces are hardly found, as they are generally characterized by common areas and even shared rooms. 

Residential community: recreation, amenities and active living

In contrast, at Club Lomas we offer an alternative that focuses on the quality of life and autonomy of our residents. Our residential community stands out from traditional options. Some of our features are:


We understand the particular needs of our residents, which is why we offer two complementary lifestyles. The first, “Independent Living”, is focused on those who can lead a life with full autonomy, and the second, “Assisted Living”, is an additional service to assist in cases of reduced mobility, hearing, visibility, among others.

Luxury independent living

Our intention is to create residential living in our community, where residents feel comfortable, have accessibility and can customize their space. We offer studios, bedrooms of 28 m², which have private bathrooms, similar to a luxury hotel. Another of our options are the suites, of 58 m2, with living room, kitchen, bedroom with private bathroom and nice panoramic views. The studios are designed for one person and the suites for one person or couples.

Recreational activity programs

We offer a wide variety of educational, social and recreational activities available to residents.

Social connection

In our residential community, residents will find spaces to lead a normal life and socialize, with gyms, swimming pools, jacuzzis, but also a commercial area where they can interact.

Club Lomas, the ideal retirement place to enjoy

At Club Lomas we strive to provide this experience under the backdrop of the beautiful Andes Mountains, creating a community that you can feel and make your home, while sharing with others through experiences, activities, meeting spaces and much more.

Our residential community is more than just a place: it is the gateway to a dynamic retirement, full of unique experiences. Find out more about what Club Lomas has to offer by contacting our team.